Latest Print Edition: President Obama’s Key Foreign Policy Challenges

by Forum Staff on February 10, 2013

Volume 37:1 of The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs has shipped to bookstores and subscribers around the globe. In order to explore the foremost foreign policy challenges facing the United States, The Forum has recruited an impressive group of international relations scholars and practitioners for this edition’s Special Section. It features interviews with SECRETARY JAMES BAKER and SECRETARY WILLIAM PERRY who discuss the state of American foreign policy and share their thoughts on President Obama’s first term as well as their respective terms in office, and articles by SUZANNE MALONEY, MICHELE DUNNE, PRASHANTH PARAMESWARAN, WILLIAM MOOMAW, and MICHAEL HAMMER.

This volume also features the prescient advice and a passionate call for public service to current graduate students studying international affairs given by GEORGE PACKARD in his address to The Fletcher School this past September. DAVID KOPLOW comments on repeated instances of U.S. treaty violations, AMITAI ETZIONI discusses the emerging global order as a function of a shift toward regional, rather than global, powers, and MOHAMED ABDELAAL describes the political and juridical significance of Islamic Sharia, and what it means for Egypt’s future democratic prospects. MARY HARPER explores the ongoing struggles of Somalia, particularly the effect of international players, AMY WEST lays out the challenges of education-based interventions during conflict and crises, and DEBORAH CUMMINS shares her experiences with state- and institution-building in Timor-Leste. Lastly, CDR YOUSSEF ABOUL-ENEIN (USN) offers a review of Laurent Bonnefoy’s recent book Salafism in Yemen: Transnationalism and Religious Identity.

All abstracts and articles are available online – subscribe now to receive your copy of the entire issue and future issues of The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs.

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