14:1 – Winter 1990


Charles S. Lee

Marxism Enters a Confucian Realm
Lynda Shaffer

The Chinese Communist Party
David Bachmah

Evaluating China’s Rural Policies: 1949-1989
David Zweig

The Origins of the Pro-Democracy Movement
Yasheng Huang

The Future of Foreign Business in China
Denis Fred Simon

The International Response to the 1989 Massacre
James D. Seymour

The Peoples of the People’s Republic
Dru C. Gladney

China’s Tibetan Dilemma

Javier Perez de Cudllar

Playing By New Rules: Allan Gotlieb, Public Diplomacy, and the Management of Canada-US Relations
Andrew F. Cooper 

The Iran-Iraq War: An Analysis of the Cease-fire
Richard Morgan Wilbur

Regional Political Parties in India: Akali-Dal and DMK-AIADMK
Uzma Burki

Moral Dimensions of Terrorism
Jeffrey Scheuer

Culture and Development Revisited
Lawrence E.  Harrison and Howard Wiarda

Book Reviews

Review Essay: A Kinder and Gentler Containment
By Kurt Campbell

The Grand Failure: The Birth and Death of Communism in the 20th Century
by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Step Ahead in China: Guangdong Under Reform
by Ezra F. Vogel

The Deceptive Lure of Detente
by Marian Leighton

Germany’s Past and Europe’s Future: The Challenges of West German Foreign Policy
by Edwina S. Campbell

A German Identity, 1770-1990
by Harold James

The Patriarchal Paradox: Women Politicians in Turkey
by Yelim Arat

Roads and Rivals: The Political Uses of Access in the Borderlands of Asia
by Mahnaz Z. Ispahani

Revitalizing International Law
by Richard A. Falk

Democracy and Its Critics
by Robert Dahl

Liberalism and the Moral Life
edited by Nancy L. Rosenblum

International Institutions and State Power
by Robert O. Keohane

The Soviet Naval Threat to Europe: Military and Political Dimensions
edited by Bruce W. Watson and Susan M. Watson

Russia Observed: Collected Essays on Russian and Soviet History
by Richard Pipes

Hitler’s Children: The Hitler Youth and the SS 214
by Gerhard Rempel

The CIA and American Democracy
by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones

America’s Secret Power: The CIA in a Democratic Society
by Loch K. Johnson

New Weapons, Old Politics: America’s Procurement Muddle
by Thomas L. McNaugher

Feminization of the Labor Force: Paradoxes and Promises
edited by Jane Jenson, Elizabeth Hagen and Ceallaigh Reddy

A Future South Africa: Visions, Strategies, and Realities
edited by Peter L. Berger and Bobby Godell

Mubarak’s Egypt: Fragmentation of the Political Order
by Robert Springborg

14:2 – Summer 1990

13:2 – Summer 1989