14:2 – Summer 1990


David Harland

Heeding Nature’s Tug: An Environmental Agenda for International Relations
Mostafa K. Tolba

Scientific and International Policy Responses to Global Climate Change
William R. Moomaw

Global Warming: Quo Vadis?
Andrew R. Solow and James M. Broadus

Counting the Cost: Resource Degradation in the Developing World
Theodore Panayotou

Jumping on the “Ban” Wagon: Efforts to Save the African Elephant
David Harland

Amazonia: In Defense of Brazil’s Sovereignty
Haroldo Mattos de Lemos

Traveling Toxic Trash: An Analysis of the 1989 Basel Convention
Mark A. Montgomery

The Need for Eco-Justice
Petra K. Kelly

Post-Cold War Global Environment and Security
Gareth Porter

The Intifada and the Peace Process
Noam Chomsky

Threat to the Republic? The Politics of Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
Edward Felsenthal

The US Decision to Produce Chemical Weapons
Timothy Devine

Chester Crocker

Book Reviews
Review Essay: Return to Europe

The Uses of Adversity: Essays on the Fate of Central Europe
by Timothy Garton Ash

Wartime: Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War
by Paul Fussell

The United States, Revolutionary Russia, and the Rise of Czechoslovakia
by Betty Miller Unterberger

Die Deutschen und Gorbatschow: Chancen fir einen Interessenausgleich
by Wolfgang Seiffert

Trade and Investment Relations among the United States, Canada, and Japan
edited by Robert M. Stern

Developing Country Debt and the World Economy
edited by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Restructuring the French Economy
by William James Adams

Land Filled with Flies
by Edwin N. Wilmsen

International Law at a Time of Perplexity: Essays in Honor of Shabtai Rosenne
edited by Yoram Dinstein

The End of Nature
by Bill McKibben

The Deluge and the Ark
by Dale Peterson

The Meaning of Nuclear Revolution: Statecraft and the Prospect of Armageddon
by Robert Jervis

Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East
by Patrick Seale

Lost Promises: Debt, Austerity and Development in Latin America
edited by William L. Canak

Rock Around the Bloc: A History of Rock Music in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
by Timothy W. Ryback

Four Stars
by Mark Perry

Shattered Hope: Guatemalan Workers and the Promise of Democracy
by James A. Goldston

George F. Kennan: Cold War Iconoclast
by Walter L. Hixson

Strategic Trends in Services: An Inquiry into the Global Services Economy
edited by Albert Bress and Kalypso Nicolaidis

A Social and Economic History of 20th Century Europe
by G. Ambrosius and William Hubbard

15:1 – Winter 1991

14:1 – Winter 1990