17:1 – Winter 1993


W. Russell Neuman

Communication, Media and the Global Marketplace of Ideas
Everette E. Dennis

A Free Society or a Free Press – Which Comes First?
Henry Grunwald

The Triumph of Western News Communication
William Hachten

Will Russia’s Free Press Survive?
Nicholas Daniloff

The Media in Emerging African Democracies: Power, Politics and the Role of the Press
Eric Chinje

Television’s Impact on Executive Decisionmaking and Diplomacy
Timothy J. McNulty

Telecommunications and Regional Interdependence in Southeast Asia
Meheroo Jussawalla

European Telecommunications Policy and Open Network Provision: The Evolution of a Regulatory Methodology
Marc T. Austin

European Community Law and Broadcasting: The Dutch Case
Josephina J. A. Pelle

The International Ozone Regime: Concessions and Loopholes
Katrien Vorlat

The Nature of Saudi Arabian Strategic Power: Implications for American Foreign Policy
Frank J. Mirkow

Curbing Rapid Population Growth: The Crux of Sustainable Development
Christopher S. Wendel

A Study of Peaceful Revolution: The Philippines, 1986
Janet L. Sawin

Book Reviews
Adventures in Chaos: American Intervention for Reform in the Third World
by Douglas J. MacDonald

Contrasting Styles of Industrial Reform: China and India in the 1980s
by George Rosen

Democracy and Socialism in Africa
by Robin Cohen and Harry Goulbourne, Editors

Iran and the International Community
by Anoushirvan Ehteshami and Manshour Varasteh, Editors

Japanese Economic Development: Theory and Practice
by Penelope Francks

Only One World: Our Own to Make and Keep
by Gerard Piel

Oppenheim’s International Law, Ninth Edition, Volume I, Peace
by Sir Robert Y. Jennings and Sir Arthur Watts, Editors

Resolving Third World Conflict: Challenges for a New Era
by Cheryl J. Brown and Timber M. Schraub, Editors

Shining Path of Peru
by David Scott Palmer, Editor

The Telecommunications Revolution: Past, Present and Future
by Harvey Sapolsky, Rhonda Crane, W. Russell Neuman, and Eli M. Noam, Editors

17:2 – Summer 1993

16:2 – Summer 1992