18:2 – Summer/Fall 1994


An Interview with Telford Taylor
Linda Maguire

The War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: Problems and Prospects
Jeri Laber & Ivana Nizich

Forgetting “The Policies and Practices of the Past”: Impunity in Cambodia
Stephen P. Marks

War Crimes: The Case of Iraq
James S. Robbins

U.S. Tort Suits by Aliens Based on International Law
Alfred P. Rubin

Obstacles to the Creation of a Permanent War Crimes Tribunal
Christopher L. Blakesley

Is a Permanent Nuremberg on the Horizon?
Robert F Drinan, S.j.

American Television and Cinema in France and Europe
Diana Quintero

Heavenly Junk
Ambassador Edward R. Finch, Jr.

Restructuring the United States’ Export Control Legislation for the Post-Cold War Era
Shahid Alam

Kennan at 90: Still in Search of Mr. X
David Grann

Book Reviews

Review Essay: Riding Out the Storm?
Andrew C. Hess

The Gulf Crisis: An Attempt to Understand
Ghazi A. Algosaibi

The Gulf Crisis and Its Global Aftermath
Gad Barzilai, Aharon Klieman and Gil Shidlo, Editors

The Middle East After Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait
Robert O. Freedman, Editor

Technology Policy and America’s Future
Steven M. Irwin

Empowering Technology: Implementing a U.S. Strategy
Lewis Branscomb, Editor

Collision: GM, Toyota, Volkswagen and the Race to Own the 21st Century
Maryann Keller

The Troubled Birth of Russian Democracy: Parties, Personalities, and Programs
Michael McFaul and Sergei Markov, Editors

Survival in Russia: Chaos and Hope in Everyday Life
Lois Fisher

Cutting the Red Tape: How Western Companies Can Profit in the New Russia
Mark Tourevski and Eileen Morgan

Theory of Culture
Richard Munch and Neil J. Smelser, Editors

The Logic of Accidental Nuclear War
Bruce G. Blair

The International Politics of the Environment: Actors, Interests, and Institutions
Andrew Hurrel and Benedict Kingsbury, Editors

Belarus: At a Crossroads in History
Jan Zaprudnik

19:1 – Winter/Spring 1995

18:1 – Winter/Spring 1994