22:1 – Winter/Spring 1998


Terrorism: Conspiracy, Myth and Reality
Neil C. Livingstone
Myths and conspiracies have distorted U.S. policy debates on the issue of international terrorism.

Rumors, Conspiracies and the Psychological Climate of World Politics
W. Scott Thompson
W. Scott Thompson reflects on the psychological climate of paranoia and suspicion that has shaped perceptions of the American persona and the CIA.

Myth, Wild Capitalism and Democracy in Albania
Dardan Gashi
Myths, financial pyramid schemes and powerful group dynamics underlie the civil unrest which recently tore through Albania.

An Interview with Frederick C. Smith
The U.S. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense discusses his views on the Persian Gulf, mission creep in Bosnia and U.S. policy myths.


Bosnia’s Internal War and the International Criminal Tribunal
Robert M. Hayden
The Bosnian conflict was not a matter of external aggression, but rather of the complete failure of the Bosnian state as it had been defined by its own constitutional structures.

Headless Dragons: The Problem of Leadership in APEC
Yong Deng
Despite consensus regarding the need for APEC, its members disagree about aspects concerning the pace, structure and content of regional cooperation.

The Rise and Fall of the Nonintervention Norm: Some Correlates and Potential Consequences
Charles W. Kegley, Jr., Gregory A. Raymond and Margaret G. Hermann
The nonintervention norm has always been controversial but adherence to it has varied through history. The international community must evaluate the conditions under which a breach of the principle of nonintervention may be beneficial.

The Silent Revolution: Education and Instability in the Gulf Monarchies
Gawdat Bahgat
The six Gulf monarchies need to reform their education systems to achieve coherence between their educational goals and their socioeconomic needs.


The Taliban, Islam and Women’s Rights in the Muslim World
Matthew A. Levitt
Events in Afghanistan and the Taliban militia’s enforcement of strict Shari’a law, and restrictions on women’s activities have sparked interest in the different approaches to Islamic interpretation in the Muslim world.

Book Reviews
Review Essay: Twilight of the Multinational Firm?
Paul Vaaler

Alliance Capitalism and Global Business
John H. Dunning

The Alliance Revolution: The New Shape of Business Rivalry
Benjamin Gomes-Casseres

The Death of Competition: Leadership and Strategy in the Age of Business Ecosystems
James F. Moore

Human Rights and Public Health in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
Lawrence O. Gostin and Zita Lazzarini

The Pan-American Dream: Do Latin America’s Cultural Values Discourage True Partnership with the United States and Canada?
Lawrence E. Harrison

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