25:1 – Winter 2001

Forum Interview
A. Abdullah
The acting Foreign Minister of the Islamic State of Afghanistan offers his governments views on the prospects for peace in Afghanistan, while calling for a comprehensive U.S. policy.

Forum Interview
Abdul Hakim Mujahid
The Taliban Representative to the U.N. addresses the dynamics of the ongoing Afghan civil war and the challenges confronting the Taliban government.

Untying the Afghan Knot
Peter Tomsen
Ambassador Tomsen, former special envoy to the Mujaludeen, urges a reformulation of U.S. policy toward Afghanistan to confront the challenges the civil war poses to international peace and stability, and highlights Pakistan’s role in the conflict.

U.S.-Korea Relations After the Summit
Stephen W. Bosworth
Ambassador Bosworth reflects on the recent rapprochement between North and South Korea, and its implications for future U.S.-Korea relations.

South Korea’s Sunshine Policy: Progress and Predicaments
Sung Chul Yang
Ambassador Yang outlines South Korea’s Sunshine Policy towards North Korea, arguing that it has been largely responsible for bringing about the current rapprochement between the two Koreas. He also discusses the future of U.S.-Korean relations.

Knowledge Networks, the Internet, and Development
Peter Cukor and Lee McKnight
Cukor and McKnight discuss how increased access and more affordable connectivity to advanced information and communication technologies, especiallywireless and Internet services, are making on-line information increasingly available to development professionals and citizens of developing countries.

Why Oil Wil Cost $5 per Barrel in 2010
Robert Grosse and Yuan Yares
Grosse and Yafies argue that improved technologies will decrease the cost of oil extraction, thus increasing supply, while the development of alternate energysources will reduce the demand for oil. The interaction of these two forces will lead to a much lower oil price in the near future.

Implementing a Global Performance Measurement System for Your Organization
Ferdinand Tesoro and Jack Tootson
Tesoro and Tootson emphasize the vital importance of performance measurement systems in today’s globalized world and offer guidelines for establishing such mechanisms.

Japan-U.S. Missile Defense Collaboration: Rhetorically Delicious, Deceptively Dangerous
Gordon R. Mitchell
Mitchell cautions that policymakers in the U.S. and Japan are using deceptive and calculated rhetoric and claims to sell a dangerous missile defense system tothe Japanese and American publics.

Why Chavez in Venezuela?
Leonardo Vivas
Vivas examines the rise to power of populist Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and warns that his political style may be a harbinger of things to come in the Andean region.

The Transformation of Mexican Presidentialism, 1929-2000
Luis Carlos Ugalde
Ugalde describes the evolution of Mexican presidential power and examines the changes likely to take place under new president Vicente Fox.

Dictators in the Dock: Retroactive Justice in Consolidating Democracies, A Comparative Analysis of Chile and South Korea
Stephen Kim Park
Park compares the transition from dictatorship to democracy in Chile and South Korea and their divergent approaches to retroactive justice.

Revising Dayton Using European Solutions
Miroslav Prce
Prce, Defense Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, argues that the Dayton Peace Agreement is a third attempt to centralize and de-nantionalize Bosnia andHerzegovina and, like the two previous efforts, is bound to fail. The agreement can only be salvaged if it takes into account the states multi-ethnic reality.

Three Crises in Search of a Policy
Judith Yaphe
Yaphe discusses the complex challenges faceing the new U.S. president in the Middle East, with a focus on Iran, Iraq, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Toward a Political Community in the Aegean Area: New Opportunities for Greece and Turkey
Epaminondas Marias
Maras argues that the current moves toward rapprochement between Greece and Turkey are the result of a laudable plan to focus on issues of ‘low politics’before addressing more controversial topics like Cyprus.

25:2 – Summer 2001

24:2 – Fall 2000