3:1 – Winter 1979

Soviet Foreign Policy in the 1970s: A Conceptual Overview
Coit Dennis Blacker

Transfrontier Environmental Disputes and National Courts: An Approach for Western Europe
Judith Kumin

Defenses to Extraterritorial Reach of Antitrust Law: A Choice of Law Approach
Douglas H. Meal

Plugging-in the Third World
Francis S. Ronalds, Jr.

Guerilla War in Zimbabwe
A Forum Interview with Eddison Zvobgo

The FORUM Forum
Wriston: The Oil Shock: Readjustment and Reassessment
Sisson: Africa’s Economic Relations with South Africa
Axelgard: Internal Legitimacy in the Palestinian State
Kenneth SonnenclarFacing West From California’s Shores
Wendy Griswold: Enthusiasm: The Threat to SALT II

Book Reviews
Primacy or World Order
by Stanley Hoffmann

Power Projection: A Net Assessment of US and Soviet Capabilities
by W. Scott Thompson

Organizing the World’s Money: The Political Economy of International Monetary Relations
by Benjamin Cohen


3:2 – Summer 1979

2:2 – Summer 1978