1:1 – Fall 1976

British Policy Options in Northern Ireland
Michael L. Moodie and Frank T.J. Bray

The Mayaguez Re-Examined
Charles F. Bennett

North Sea Oil Development Policy
Katherine M. Huger

The Legal Status of Women in Kenya
Shadrack B.O. Gutto

Soviet Dissidents and the Western World
Lea Sellers

A Survey of Limits to Growth
Farrokh Jhabvala

NATO’s Nukes – The Untouchable Question
John P. Roche

Book Reviews
Law in Modem Society: Toward A Criticism of Social Theory
by Roberto Mangabeira Unger

Kissinger: European Mind in American Policy
by Bruce Mazlish

The FORUM Forum
Masihur Rahman: On Limits to Growth
Todd Friedman: On North Sea Oil

1:2 – Spring 1977