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Founded in 1975 and published biannually, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs is the student-managed foreign policy journal at The Fletcher school. The publication provides a broad, interdisciplinary platform for analysis of legal, political, economic, environmental, and diplomatic issues in international affairs.

The editorial board of The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs believes that the publication’s audience values and expects the inclusion of conflicting viewpoints; the board does not expect readers to concur with all of the views expressed by Forum authors. This inherent diversity supports the very definition of a “forum:” a public meeting place for open discussion.

If you would like complete copies of previous editions of the Fletcher Forumback issues may be purchased through William Hein & Company. Individual articles from previous editions of the Forum are available free of charge in the print edition archives below. We encourage you to subscribe to the print edition today to receive future editions, and to consider submitting an article for publication.

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