18:1 – Winter/Spring 1994


Richard H. Shultz

In the Absence of War: Employing America’s Military Capabilities in the 1990s
Admiral Paul David Miller

Will the United States Leada New World Order?
Admiral Jonathan T. Howe (Ret.)

Non-Traditional Missions and the Futureof the U.S. Military
William Rosenau

Creating a U.N. Peace Enforcement Force:  A Case for U.S. Leadership
Captain Gregory P. Harper

The Last American Warrior: Non-Traditional Missions and the Decline of the U.S. Armed Forces
Colonel Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.

The Fiction of a U.N. Standing Army
Alex Morrison

A Twenty-First Century Vision for Economic Assistance
G. William Anderson

Understanding the U.N. Conventional Arms Register
Colonel Terence T. Taylor

Dispute Settlement Provisions in the NAFTA and the CAFTA: Progress or Protectionism?
Kristin A. Moody-O’Grady

The Role of the CIA in Economic and Technological Intelligence
Timothy D. Foley

Book Reviews

Review Essay: Indian Democracy and the Crisis of Governability

India’s Democracy: An Analysis of Changing State-Society Relations
by Atul Kohli, Editor

Democracy and Discontent: India’s Growing Crisis of Governability
by Atul Kohli

In Pursuit of Lakshmi: The Political Economy of the Indian State
by Lloyd Rudolph and Susanne H. Rudolph

The Painful Transition: Bourgeois Democracy in India
by Achin Vanaik

South Africa: The Struggle for a New World Order
by Marina Ottaway

The Dissolution of Communist Power: The Case of Hungary
by Agnes Horvdth and Arpad Szakolczai

The Cold War and After: Prospects for Peace, Expanded Edition
by Sean M. Lynn-Jones and Steven Miller, Editors

Tribes: How Race, Religion and Identity Determine Success in the New Global Economy
by Joel Kotkin

The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited
by James A. Nathan, Editor

The U.S. Military: Ready for the New World Order?
by John E. Peters

18:2 – Summer/Fall 1994

17:2 – Summer 1993