19:2 – Summer/Fall 1995


Constructive Containment
Alan K. Henrikson

The Moral and Legal Basis for Sanctions
Anthony D’Amato

Beyond Neutrality: On the Compatibility of Military Intervention and Humanitarian Assistance
Antonio Donini

Diplomacy and Human Rights: The Role of Human Rights in Conflict Resolution in El Salvador and Haiti
Nomi Bar-Yaacov

The Sanctions Era: An Alternative to Military Intervention
George Lopez and David Cortright

American Power and American Diplomacy
Anthony Lake


The Carter Mission to Haiti: Unintended Consequences for Human Rights Law
Jeffrey A. Williams and John N. Petrie

Structural Adjustment Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa
David P. O’Brien

Truman’s Bomb, Our Bomb
Casey Frank

From Silk to Satellite: A Letter from Central Asia
Majid Tehranian

Book Reviews

Review Essay: South Asia After the Cold War: International Perspectives

Kanti P. Bahpai and Stephen P Cohen

German Unification: Process and Outcome
M. Donald Hancock and Helga A. Welsh

Central Asia and the Caucasus after the Soviet Union: Domestic and International Dynamics
Mohiaddin Mesbahi

Strengthening Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Kathleen C. Bailey

Unifying Germany, 1989-1990
Manfred Goertemaker

The Global Spread of Arms: Political Economy of International Security
Frederic S. Pearson

20:1 – Winter/Spring 1996

19:1 – Winter/Spring 1995